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Managed IT Service

Network management MSP

Businesses operating in the IT landscape rely on their networks. But networks are complex and predisposed to constant evolution, and technological advancements only seem to increase their convolution. Modern-day networks house a deluge of physical and virtual components, employ advanced technologies, and are distributed across geographies, making them incredibly difficult to manage.

However, if not properly addressed, IT infrastructure management can impact a business on multiple fronts. Unfortunately, not all businesses possess enough resources, the necessary technical know-how, or a dedicated IT operations team to manage their networks. The only viable solution in sight for such businesses is managed service providers (MSPs).

Being an MSP offering network management services, you need a network management tool that provides a broad spectrum of functionalities. The right tool can help you manage physical, virtual, and hybrid networks, support devices from multiple vendors, and get complete visibility over distributed networks

Managed IT

The benefits of deploying network management software

  • Proactively monitor your clients’ networks for faults. This helps you defuse issues before they blow out of proportion and lead to network downtime.
  • Meet your SLAs on time to avoid penalties.
  • Ease your technicians’ workload and provide enough scope for automation.
  • Reduce your mean time to repair by quickly narrowing down the root cause of the problem and following with immediate troubleshooting.

Empowering MSPs with network management capabilities-OpManager MSP

OpManager MSP is comprehensive network management software crafted for MSPs. It enables you to proactively monitor the performance, health, and availability of your clients’ networks. OpManager MSP software monitors devices from multiple vendors out of the box, is compatible with contemporary network technologies, and is designed to manage distributed networks with its probe-central architecture. Thanks to OpManager MSP’s multi-tenant software architecture, you can handle multiple clients concurrently and cater to their diverse needs with customizations and automations.

  • OpManager MSP’s functionalities include:
  • Multi-tenant software architecture.
  • Seamless, secure user management.
  • Network performance and availability monitoring.
  • Multi-vendor compatibility and support.
  • Vivid network visualization.
  • Foolproof fault management.
  • Network performance and health reports.
  • Customizable dashboards and widgets.
  • Multi-tenant software architecture

OpManager MSP’s multi-tenant software architecture helps you handle the network operations of multiple clients concurrently—and from a central console, too. Once you add customers and probes in the central server, you can immediately start discovering and monitoring the devices in your clients’ networks. OpManager MSP software eliminates the need to have a local administrator present at each client’s site; you can manage all client networks remotely.

From the remote central server, you can:

  • Discover devices, push configuration changes, and perform Level 1 troubleshooting tasks across all client sites.
  • Push software updates to all probes in the client sites.
  • Push licenses to all probes in the client sites.



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What are managed IT services?

The managed services model is the process of proactively outsourcing business processes to reduce the costs of maintaining a process in-house. Managed IT services is the outsourcing of your company’s information technology management and maintenance to an external provider. In the most simple terms, it’s paying another company to look after the IT matters in your business.

What is the difference between managed IT services and outsourcing?

The two terms are often taken to mean the same thing; indeed, both models are closely related to each other with one marked difference between the two. In this case, outsourcing means sourcing service or a product from a third party without them managing the supplied solution on your behalf. In this instance, you may need to hire and maintain a team of in-house professionals to look after everything. Conversely, in managed services, the third party both supplies and operates the service – there is no need for an in-house team.

What does a managed service provider do?

A managed services provider often referred to simply as an MSP, is a company external to your business responsible for providing IT services to you. Following are only a few examples of what is included in managed IT services. An MSP proactively works to maintain the technology in your business, offers remote IT support, creates IT disaster recovery plans and develops business continuity solutions. Connected Platforms is one of such managed IT service providers in Brisbane.

How does a managed service provider work?

An MSP works remotely where possible. At Connected Platforms, where necessary, we will send technicians to your location as required.

What are the benefits of managed services?

One of the primary benefits when working with a Managed Services Provider is the IT cost reduction in your business. Working with an MSP improves your business operation by letting your staff focus on their work, instead of dealing with IT problems. An MSP is proactive; they anticipate problems and fix issues before they happen. For a predictable, ongoing fee, managed services enable your business to have ongoing, professional IT support without the need and the overheads of keeping a team of IT professionals on your payroll.

Who are managed IT services for?

You might think that managed services are for big enterprises with large budgets, but you could not be more wrong. At Connected Platforms, we support SMEs primarily, that is small to medium enterprises. In other words, small businesses like yours!